60-1-5 - Desoldering Braid - No Clean SD - 0.76mm - 1.5m


60-1-5 - Desoldering Braid - No Clean SD - 0.76mm - 1.5m. saldatura - accessori, trecce/calze.

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Disponibilità bassa
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Soder-Wick geometrically-precise weave allows for maximum capillary wicking action and solder capacity. Soder-Wick desoldering braid optimizes heat transfer through the braid and into the solder joint, resulting in faster wicking action than any other competitive braid. Minimal flux residue on the board speeds up the cleaning process, or eliminates it entirely. Solder-Wick braid meets or exceeds Mil-F-14256 F, Type R; NASA STD-8739.3; DOD-STD-883E, Method 2022; ANSI/IPC J STD-004, Type ROLO (USA)
5' Length - Blue Bobbin 
•  Size: 1 
•  Color: White 
•  Width: .030\\" 
•  Application: Micro Circuits