40-2-10 - Desoldering Braid - Lead Free - 1.50mm - 3m


40-2-10 - Desoldering Braid - Lead Free - 1.50mm - 3m. saldatura - accessori, trecce/calze.

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Disponibilità bassa
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The fastest, safest desoldering braid formulated specifically for use with lead-free applications. Transfers heat to the solder joint more quickly and efficiently than conventional desoldering braids. Specifically designed for all lead-free solders, but can also be used for tin/lead solders. Packaged in ESD-safe static dissipative bobbins. Non-corrosive ultra-high purity no-clean flux will not leave ionic contamination on boards. Especially effective at removing residual solder from SMT pads.
Just The Facts: Width: 0.60\\"(1.5mm); 10ft (3.0mm)