ChipQuik Flux No Clean Tack 10cc Syringe


ChipQuik Flux No Clean Tack 10cc Syringe. saldatura - accessori, flussanti.

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Remove QFDs, PLCCs, SOICs and chip components without costly and complex equipment. Use ChipQuik® with your existing rework equipment or temperature controlled soldering irons. Special removal alloy has excellent wetting ability with a low melting temperature of 136°F (58°C). To use: apply paste flux to all leads with syringe; melt ChipQuik alloy on all pins of SMD; with wide iron tip; maintain alloy in a molten state long enough to release chip; lift chip from board with pick-up tool. Safe, affordable, easy and won't damage sensitive components. NoClean Paste Flux; 10cc syringe with tip.