ChipQuik Rework Kit Lead Free SMD-6000


ChipQuik Rework Kit Lead Free SMD-6000.

Disponibilità bassa
Disponibilità bassa
Disp. in 30 gg.
Codice costruttore SMD6000


•  Removal alloy. SMD 8NL 8 ft. lead-free with instructions
•  Solder paste. SMD291SNL no-clean lead-free, 9g Sn 96.5/Ag 3/Cu 0.5
•  Solder wire. SMD 96 lead-free, .031" diameter 15 ft. 96.6 Sn/3 AG/0.5 Cu
•  Paste flux. SMD291NL for lead-free rework. 5cc syringe with plunger rod and tip
•  Liquid flux remover cleaner. 1oz. container with applicator. Non-flammable
•  Solder wick. No clean, ESD Safe, 5 ft., .055" width
•  Handi-vac tool. SMD pick and place with 3 tips
•  2 Acid brushes, 3/8 wide
•  Probe kit contains 4 stainless steel non-magnetic dental picks for SMD removal and placement
•  2 precision tweezers. Non-magnetic, for SMD removal, placement and chip components
•  6 cleaning wipes, tight weave/low lint, 4" x 4". For cleaning PC board
•  10 swabs, double-ended for PC board clean up
•  12 alcohol pads for PC board clean up 
•  Plastic Case
•  Chip Quik SMD rework instructions