Vision Engineering - Obiettivo 20x per sistemi Mantis Elite


Obiettivo 20x per sistemi Mantis Elite - Distanza di lavoro: 29mm

Disponibilità bassa
Disponibilità bassa
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Mantis systems combine the viewing ease of bench magnifiers with the high resolution and magnification advantages of eyepiece microscopes. The large viewing area provides maxium comfort and eliminates the fatigue eye neck and back strain you can get from using eyepiece scopes. Wearing safety or regular glasses are no problem. Your choice of magnification options let you customize your system for any assembly inspection or rework application. The Mantis Elite and Compact models deliver the latest in optical design and LED illumination and boast a wide array of applications. The Elite's higher magnification 25° head tilt capability extra large field of view and long working distances make it a clear choice over traditional stereo microscopes. And it frees up both hands for intricate tasks that requires quality viewing and hand-eye coordination over a long timeframe. The smaller Compact delivers all the same ergonomic advantages for bench magnifier users at an affordable price - especially good for labs and educational facilities. Features: Choice of counter-balanced swing arm or stable bench stand with dimmable cold long-life true color LED illumination; quick move G-clamp base; cleanroom assembled and sealed for use in dirty environments; 9VDC external plug transformer power supply. Just The Facts: Model: Elite Objective Lenses: X20 Working Distance: 29mm Field of View: 6.5mm Lighting: 24 LEDs; 11000 LUX