Metcal MFR-2240 - Stazione con pinza termica


Metcal MFR-2240 - Stazione con pinza termica STAZIONE SENZA PUNTE

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Use two handpieces at the same time MFR-2200 Series Dual Output Soldering & Rework System One station housing two separate power supplies and ports combined with three handpieces adds up to incredible flexibility for all your operations. The station drives one or two handpieces simultaneously through two power supplies which means full power is available for each handpiece in use. SmartHeat® technology responds to the load delivering the energy required for each connection while protecting components and substrates from damage. Whether you\\'re doing production soldering touch-up or SMD rework this system delivers the high power and versatility you need. Features and Benefits Adapts to production work touch-up soldering and SMD rework Changing from one to two handpiece operation is as easy as flipping a front panel switch Handpiece MFR-H1-SC accepts a wide range of cartridges including fine access soldering tips SMD rework tips Handpiece MFR-H2-ST delivers high power and excels in production soldering. Optional BGA pad clean-up blade tips available All handpieces are ergonomic for operator safety and comfort The cartridge hand-piece uses small diameter cartridges for easy access and includes a full range for SMD rework. The precision tweezers rework SMD components with fine dimension to large geometrics while the soldering tip hand-piece has exceptional power for production soldering. MFR-2240 System Includes power supply one MFR-H4-TW precision tweezers handpiece and workstand