Simco Ionizing Bar IONforce 44" Ultra Slim 15 Emitters


Simco Ionizing Bar IONforce 44" Ultra Slim 15 Emitters. SIMCO, area esd & cleanroom, sistemi di ionizzazione.

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The IONforce static control bar is a high efficiency static bar for use in applications where an extended ionization range is needed. The system is available with an optional air assist feature which enhances its extended range capability. The IONforce is designed to operate in either steady state or pulse DC mode. 

SIMCO's IONforce bar produces positive and negative ions that neutralize static charges. It features a low profile with a height of just 1.13" and can easily be mounted on a variety of equipment. The patented bar is designed for easy installation and cleaning. The IONforce is designed to be used with SIMCO's PulseFlow® (PFC) Controller. The PFC may be switched between pulse and steady state operating modes and provides independent control of positive and negative polarity.
•  Pulse DC operating mode intermittently cycles positive and negative ions resulting in a fast discharge time at extended distances from the target surface. 
•  Steady State DC operating mode provides balanced (an equal number of positive and negative ions produced by the bar) ionization ideal for applications such as RFID tag and label manufacturing.

Features and Benefits
•  Extended range capability 
•  Pulse or Steady State DC modes 
•  Easy to clean 
•  Easy to install 
•  Optional air assist for extended range performance 
•  Detachable cable assembly